Departure Day: Lift off for Canada trip – Outside our pink house in Red Deer with the tricked out van!

Today, after eight months of building a web site and camperizing the van we are finally ready to start our 365 day photography trip across Canada. We are beyond excited to say the least, firstly it has taken us so long to just get to this point, secondly we’re going on a trip of a lifetime. One year continuous across Canada…A dream come true! Now for the ugly truth….Well it would appear that I need to brush up on my driving skills, in the backing up department….After having the van parked in the yard for four months working on the interior for this trip, I was pulling into the street and backed right into the neighbours Grande Am. OMG! I totaled the driver’s side back door. I couldn’t believe it and I was very upset to say the least. It was a $3200 touch and my first accident in 15 years, why!!!! Why now of all times, I was in disbelieve for days. What a way to start the trip of a lifetime. Whatever, I got over in in a couple of weeks.


After having sent us off with a bugle call, our neighbor was kind enough to take our picture. Here we are, full of energy and optimism. ready to embark on our 365-day marathon project. What the van will look like when we are finished? What will we look like? Before and after pictures are always entertaining.


2 Responses to “Departure Day: Lift off for Canada trip – Outside our pink house in Red Deer with the tricked out van!”

  1. 1 Heide's Dad
    December 11, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Smiles on all four faces. Wow!

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