Day 15 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: Ken and Bernie by the Winnebago in Toronto


Arriving in a new city with no connections is always tough. Heide and I had made our way into Toronto to see a Sarah McLaughlin gig at the CBC on “Q”. We had to be there as 6 am or else run the risk of not being one of the first 300 people through the doors, so we parked the van for the night on Bay street and Front Ave in a parkade, paid the attendant six bucks and headed for bed. Normally we don’t stay in parkades overnight, but living on the road, you just don’t know where you’ll end up sometimes. Well, it was noisy throughout the night and I was a bit freaked out with getting busted for camping out in a parkade, so I was up most the night worrying and not sleeping a wink. By four-thirty I could care less about Sarah McLaughlin and the CBC for that matter. I woke Heide up and said, “we’ve got to move I can’t sleep here!” So we headed for the edge of downtown for a park or vacant lot, just anything other then this spot. We made our way down Front street and ended up driving straight to a large empty parking lot with only a Winnebago parked in it. I though to myself, well if an old pile of junk like that is okay, we’ll be okay too. So I finally crashed out hard, and in the morning i’m walking around the parking lot sipping my coffee. Well, we end up meeting two very welcoming Torontonians Ken and Bernie, they were so kind to allow us to park free for two weeks just minutes from downtown. Thanks Ken and Bernie, you made our stay in the big city of Toronto!


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