Day 42 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: The largest log cabin in the world – The Chateau Montebello

After the busy day of shooting the Remembrance Ceremony, we decided that it was time to take leave of Ottawa and head to Montreal. We drove across the bridge to Gatineau, as the chemin seemed as though it would be more scenic than the major autoroute! The 50 took us through a number of small and adorable Quebec towns (some in better shape than others) situated along the Ottawa river. With the light growing dimmer and the night soon upon us, we figured we’d better start looking for a place to sleep. To our delight and surprise, nestled in the trees in rural Quebec by the town of Montebello was a majestic and rustic log cabin – the biggest we’ve ever seen! The Château Montebello is a hotel renowned for being the world’s largest log cabin structure. And no, we did not stay there. Rather, we found a cozy little campsite up the road by the water and slept in the van as this was more in line with our budgetary constraints!

The picture above is of the centrepiece of the château – a hexagonal rotunda with a six-sided stone fireplace that rises more than 20 meters to the roof. The soaring red cedar rafters are 18 meters (60 ft) long, and two mezzanines encircle the rotunda. There are 186 guest rooms contained in four wings that fan out from the fireplace.



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