Day 61 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: Quebec Pride Flies High Over a Doorway in Montreal

I went to Canadian Tire today to purchase a Canadian flag for the van. We have flown two 12×18 ” Canadian flags, at the rear of our roof rack in celebration of this great country, but as of late, the flags had become ripped and torn and desperately needed replacing. Having travelled 4000 plus kms from Alberta, I was satisfied that I had gotten my money’s worth out of them and had wanted to replace them for sometime.
So, I ducked into a Canadian Tire here in Montreal. It was the smallest Canadian Tire I’ve ever been in, there’s no way you could even get a cart down an aisle-such a contrast to the mega Canadian Tire stores you see out West. I politely asked the young girl up on the ladder who was stocking the shelves, “Excuse me, where are your flags? Either a Canadian or Quebec flag would be great.” She looked perplexed, obviously not speaking or understanding much English, so I began to wave my hands back and forth, saying the word “flag.” She finally replied, in her broken English, “no we only have Montreal Canadien flags”.

I’m thinking to myself, Montreal is so unique in so many ways, I’m not surprised they only have the flags of the Montreal Canadiens! I left Canadian Tire flagless, but with a smile on my face knowing full-well that walking into the store, they wouldn’t have a Canadian flag in a million years, but no Quebec flag either- what nonsense!



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