Day 76 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: Tim helps an injured pigeon in Montreal

Helping an injured bird on its last legs.

Helping an injured bird on its last legs.

Feature Story of the Day:

We found this pigeon laying in a heap on the cold sidewalk near Rue Parc yesterday. At first, I thought that it might be dead, but Tim picked it up and discovered that it was still alive, although moving quite slowly. It seemed to perk up when he picked it up, and we weren’t sure if it was injured or if somehow it had just gotten too cold; so we decided to bring it to our apartment to warm it. As we were walking back to our place, it moved around a bit more, opened its eyes, and sat comfortably in Tim’s hands.

Tim made a little house for it out of orange crates and gave it some bread, but it didn’t eat any. For about 15 minutes the pigeon rustled around a bit, but you could tell something wasn’t right. After 20 minutes all was silent, and we knew that our little friend had gone to the big birdhouse in the sky. At the very least, this pigeon didn’t die alone on the frozen cement, but in a warm place with people who cared about it.

Tim has saved a number of birds in his day, and he has shared with me ten different stories of his encounters with birds in distress. Perhaps it is his warm, caring soul that connects to these winged friends. Like St. Francis of Assisis, I like to call him the Patron Saint of birds (although he would just say that he is being helpful and giving back). Tim is like that. He cares about making the world a better place.


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