Day 107 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: Town of Trenton / National Air Force Museum of Canada


Trenton  is a community in the municipality of Qunite West in Ontario. It is located on the Bay of Quinte, and it is the starting point for the Trent-Severn Waterway. Canadian Forces Base Trenton / 8 Wing (CFB Trenton) is located on the east side of the town. It is an important facility for Canadian Forces Air command’s transport and search and rescue operations, and it is Trenton’s main employer. The base is currently being renovated to include a new air traffic control tower and parking for the new CC-177 Globemaster III aircraft deployed there.

We could not get on the Base, and when we asked, clearance (if given) takes at least a week. When we first arrived in CFB Trenton, we drove around taking pictures of the houses on the base, which were fairly plain and unadorned dwellings compared to many in this area of Ontario. We were surprised when the Military Police came to see us while we were watching an educational video on the Halifax at the museum. Someone had reported a van driving around and people taking pictures…was that us? Um, yep, that was us. “Can I just ask… was there any reason why you took a picture of that particular house?” one of the officers asked. We replied that we were simply taking pictures of the area to put in our blog. They were very nice, and let us off and wished us a good trip. Not much of a brush with the law, but it makes for a good story. We didn’t include that house in the post, by the way, just in case you were wondering

Houses on the Base


A Friendly Snowman


National Air Force Museum Of Canada – Trenton


National Air Force Museum Of Canada Tour Guide – Barry Hunter



Air Cadet Badges



The Halifax Bomber

WW2 heavy bomber, one of 2 fully restored Halifax bombers, this one is located at the airforce museum at CFB Trenton, Ontario. (the other is located at the Yorkshire Air museum RAF Elvington). This aircraft was recovered from the bottom of a Norweigan lake, brought to Trenton and restored and assembled by a team of volunteers. The amount of work (years) put into the restoration is astounding.


Touching The Blade Of History – The Halifax Bomber must seem larger than life for a six year old


Faces Of The Day


Trees near Trenton


Drove an hour to ice fish only to get cold, zero fish caught


Ice fishing all day only to catch a cold!


Is Heaven On Earth a Ice Fishin shack?


Tense Moments on the Shuffle Board at the Legion


Victory on the shuffle board


Leaving The Legion


Flag Of The Day – Royal Canadian Legion 110 -Trenton



2 Responses to “Day 107 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: Town of Trenton / National Air Force Museum of Canada”

  1. January 23, 2009 at 3:50 am

    I guess when I mentioned to you about going to the base and seeing the Airforce Museum I should have warned you about the MP’s. They are a Little bored and desperate for action sometimes. LOL!

    I am glad you enjoyed your day in the area and I’ll keep following your progress across this wonderful country.

  2. 2 Laura F
    January 26, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    I just wanted to let you know that all of your pictures are wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing where you turn up next. I also wanted to let you know that the picture of the one fisherman sitting all on his own well you said his name was brain, and I am sure that it is probably Brian and not brain. we all make typos from time to time, but I thought I would just let you know.

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