Day 153 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: La Malbaie, Saint Hilarion and Saint Urbain, Quebec

La Malbaie is a municipality in the Charlevoix-East Regional Country Municipality.  It is situated on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, at the mouth of the Malbaie River.

The name La Malbaie, from the French for “bad bay”, was given to this region by Champlain, when low tide left his ships high and dry in the bay. For a time, the village was named Murray Bay, after British governor James Murray.  The development of tourism in this area is said to date back to 1760, when the Scottish seigneurs John Nairne and Malcolm Fraser began receiving visitors to the region at their manor.

We have seen a number of crosses on hills in Quebec. This cross in La Malbaie really stood out and was visible from many places in town.


It was a nice sunny day in La Malbaie to take the dogs for a walk. This area would be just gorgeous during the summer months.


A region long known for its hospitality and a beautiful landscape, Charlevoix is the perfect marriage of nature and culture. To cater to growing popularity, the original Le Manoir Richelieu hotel was built in 1899 and featured 250 rooms atop the cliff of Point-au-Pic, overlooking the majestic St. Lawrence River. Unfortunately, disaster struck in the fall of 1928 while the employees were closing the hotel for the winter. A fire completely destroyed the propert. A month after the disaster, the task of rebuilding the hotel was given to Canadian architect John Archibald, who designed it in the style of a French castle. The new hotel was inaugurated in June 1929.

The Front of the Manoir Richelieu


Details of the Inside of the Manoir Richelieu


Even in the off season, the hotel was bustling with people.



The Church in St. Hilarion – I liked that the little angels were holding light bulbs to illuminate Jesus at night.


The town of St. Hilarion is a little hilly town near the Laurentians, like many of the small Quebec towns that we encountered on this trip.

Baie St. Paul is situated on the delta of the Gouffre River. It is known for its art galleries, shops and restaurants. Baie Saint Paul is where the Cirque du Soleil originated back in the early 1980’s and the location of the first show “La Fete Foraine de Baie Saint Paul” was there in 1984.


One of the Cute Houses in Saint Urbain



Richard Legault has been living in his yurt for over two years, and he has been fabricating yurts and teepees for nine years. He has invented the Witente (a hybrid of the teepee and yurt) and they are becoming a very popular option for people interested in affordable housing. The recession has not hurt his business whatsoever. In fact, he says that it has helped as many are interested in getting away from huge mortgages and debt. For more information on his products, visit www.witentes.com.


The Yurt Ceiling Lets a Nice Light Into the Space


Richard’s own design, a cross between a teepee and a yurt.


Snow Shoes in Quebec are called “Raquettes”


This is one of three dog sleds that came ripping around a corner, we had to quickly hit the snow bank to dodge being run over.



2 Responses to “Day 153 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: La Malbaie, Saint Hilarion and Saint Urbain, Quebec”

  1. 1 Marc
    March 8, 2009 at 6:54 am

    LaMalbaie is beautiful in the summer.I’ve been and it left a lasting memory on me.A few hours inland there’s a provincial park called Les Hautes Gorges de la Malbaie.Breathtaking.If you kids are in the area this summer or just passing through,it’s worth the detour.

  2. March 9, 2009 at 6:19 am

    I love that green house with the red roof. =) Yurts intrigue me, what a wonderful door.

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