Day 158 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: The Town of Woodstock, New Brunswick

Woodstock is known for being New Brunswick’s first town, and it was incorporated in 1856. It is located in Carleton County, New Brunswick and it is located on the west bank of the Saint John river.  The first mayor was L.P. Fisher (the library is named after him), who held office until his voluntary retirement 24 years later.

View of Woodstock from Across the Bridge


The Woodstock post office was a hub of activity today with local residents stopping by to pick up the daily mail. For some folks it’s a chance to get out of the house and possibly bump into some friends for a quick visit.


Katarina is a local teacher and longtime library patron. 


Johnathan has been the head librarian in Woodstock for 13 years, before that he ran the bookmobile in the Woodstock area.


Interior of the Woodstock Library


Matt Bishop  is in the Reserves in Woodstock


We spotted these seniors out and about on the main street of Woodstock, getting some exersice.


The bakery has been a fixture in Woodstock for 85 years, and it has been Barb’s Bakery for the last six. Sadly, due to the tough economic times and the big box stores, Barb’s Bakery is up for sale.


Inside of Barb’s Bakery


Sid has been the night time baker at Barb’s Bakery for two years, and he had just set this bread out to cool. Sid also works as a chef at a local restaurant, keeping him hopping.


Owner of the Local Tatoo Parlour


Proud to be Canadian and a New Brunswicker! This character drove by us with not one flag but two flags flapping away.


A full house in the Woodstock High School auditorium waited anxiously for the Miss Woodstock pageant to commence. 


The Miss Woodstock pageant has been running for 61 years. This year the all of the 400 tickets had been sold out with family and friends filling the high school auditorium from top to bottom. The night consisted of an opening dance number, a show of casual wear and formal wear, and a question / answer segment. All of the contestants held themselves with grace and confidence.


You can bet this little girl will be on the stage competing at the Miss Woodstock pageant in 10 years.


Singin’ Some Country Tunes


Andreea Antohi was one of the contestants who showed off her talent at the Miss Woodstock Pageant.


The contestants all looked lovely in their evening gowns. Some of the boys from the local hockey team escorted them on stage.


After a night of nail-biting anticipation, Deirde Allaby was ecstatic to be crowned Miss Woodstock 2009.


Up for the taking was the Miss Woodstock title, First Princess and Second Princess titles, Miss Talent and Miss Congeniality.

The winners from left to right: Miss Congeniality – Taylor Wallace, Miss Talent and First Princess – Kristyn Ketch, Miss Woodstock 2009 – Deidre Allaby, and Second Princess – Amanda Reid.


Here she is!! Miss Woodstock 2009!


Canadian Flag of the Day



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