Day 175 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: Still discovering Halifax.

Skater boys take a minute from skate boarding to pose for a quick group photo at Halifax’s “the pit” which is a sunken parking lot where graffiti is allowed. I stopped by for grab a photo of these boys and ended up staying for three hours shooting the unfolding scene.



Dialogue with the spray painters – “This is our art form, we come here to create art. Its good your here covering this, because so many people just look down at us and don’t understand what we do” explains Mike, one of the graffiti artist. “this is how we un-stress and create something on an other wise blank, boring wall. ” These boys take their work seriously, purchasing their paint online from Seattle, and spending upwards of $60 on a single graffiti piece. Each graffiti piece is carefully planned out with drawings and consideration taken with paint color, size, placement.

What might be on the wall today, could be painted over tomorrow, sometimes causing tension between artists when their paths cross at the wall or on the street. All the boys i met today, where either in school part time, full time or planned to attend school next year.  Pulling into the pit, i didn’t feel uncomfortable with any of these young boys, it took me a bit of time to gain their trust and once i did, they opened up and shared a glimpse into their misunderstood culture.


Nikky Black Market poses in front of his Graffiti piece entitled ” Nemo” at “The Pit.” Niiky wants to attend art school next year and major in a fine arts program.


Mike shows me how its done in front of his “mix” graffiti piece. Mike works at a the Halifax call centre.


Simon poses in front of his buddies graffiti piece. Simon is a part time student at the Dalhousie University and hopes to enroll in the architecture program next year.





Amanda and Rob, “true love forever.”


Tough exteriors, soft interiors.


Me with the boyz down at the “Pit.”


Dalhousie University Students Test Vehicle.


Ulrich Lobsinger sells underwater imaging Oceanographic equipment in Halifax.


Flag of the Day.


Two friendly Nova Scotian Boys down at Point Pleasant park.


These lads are from India and are students at the Dalhousie University.


A man takes a portrait of his girlfriend on rocks at the Harbour Lookout.


Earth Hour in Halifax from Citadel Hill.

A lot of apartment buildings did turn off their lights, however office building did not seem to know it was the second annual Earth Hour.


The skies did seem brighter.



1 Response to “Day 175 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: Still discovering Halifax.”

  1. 1 sharyn
    September 6, 2010 at 12:16 am

    I know you are going to think I am a crazy person but I am going to ask anyway my nephew is having a baby and then know it is a boy I am making the baby two blankets on one side of the blanket I want to paint Jett XX in some kind graffiti. My nephew is a skater and is very good has placed first many times had a sponser. Jett is what he is naming the baby and the baby should get here in October 2010 that is why I want the XX. I want to know if you have any ideas or advise for me

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