Day 177 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: Around Halifax.



Shipping is down 30% in the Halifax harbour, but we we would still see cargo ships coming into port each day.


Fishing season started today in Nova Scotia.



Pier 21


Pier 21 is a former ocean liner terminal and is now an immigration museum and National Historic Site in Halifax. It operated as an ocean liner terminal and immigration shed from 1928 to 1971 and became an immigration museum in 1999. Pier 21 is Canada's last remaining ocean immigration shed. The facility is often compared to Ellis Island, although this term is also used to describe the immigration station at Grosse Isle, Quebec.


Welcome to Canada! These benches are the first thing immigrants saw after passing through one of two sets of doors at Pier 21. Nervous immigrants would then wait to see an immigration officer to review their paperwork and Canadian sponorship status or contract. In some cases immigrants arrived in Canada to find out their Canadian sponsors had found a different immigrant soul to fill the job. This left them in a desperate situation, and they would take any position available just to stay in Canada. Our tour guide explained his first-hand experience arriving in Canada, " They woke you up at 4 and worked you until 11 at night."



The Canada Propagana Machine - Posters promising people from around the world huge farms and an ideal country lifestyle.



Suitcase that traveled from countries across the sea. Often an entire family's earthly belongings would be in just two suitcases.


Women's Promotional Display Pier 21


George Zwaagstra walked through this set of doors at Pier 21 in 1951 as a immigrant from Holland. 58 years later George volunteers twice a week as a tour guide at Pier 21.

People We Met Today


Betty and Shirley Church have lived in their Halifax home for 36 years. "God has blessed us with a very nice home" expressed Shirley. The two sisters moved from Chester, Nova Scotia to Halifax in 1973 to be closer to Shirley's son. Shirley and Betty are active in the church as well as feed and care for the stray cats from the neighboring grain elevator.


We met Mary and Angus McDonald when Mary approached our van to see what was going on with this crazy van with the Canadian flags all over it. We take these encounters as a hint that we're destined to meet, share and photograph these folks. They were so pleased to be photographed and be included with our cross Canada photo essay and we were delighted to meet such a cute, loving couple. Thanks Mary and Angus!




Daniel Girard is the brew master at the Garrison Brewing Company and has been brewing beer for 7 years.


Peter's Pizza is a family run business here in Halifax, est. in 1973. Peter (on the right) is the grandson of Peter Sepsakos who came to Canada in 1973 and started the business. On the left is Peter's (Seniors) daughter, Cathy.


Proud to be Canadian - I met this couple at the park, if you notice the back window is full of small Canadian flags. They got out in the middle of a major wind storm to pose for this photo.

Flag Of The Day


Via Rail Trains


It doesn't matter where you have your Canadian flag, you just have to have one somewhere in the house.


Two Canadian Flags reflect in mirrored port holes of a full sized passenger ship display at Pier 21.

Reporting From Somewhere In The Field


Night number 12 in the same vacant lot beside the inland terminal in Halifax. A big thanks to everyone in the neighbourhood!


Smiley was a friendly dog we met downtown on a walk.


1 Response to “Day 177 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: Around Halifax.”

  1. 1 Marc Dumaine
    April 1, 2009 at 3:25 am

    Angus McDonald?That name is sooo canadian.Have you kids met a Dave Mckenzie yet.
    Ok,just having fun…but obviously not as much as you two love-birds.
    Smiles from Montréal.

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