Day 180 – Rugged South Shore Peggy’s Cove to Glen Margaret just down the road.

This Is Peggy’s Cove

A boy runs along the rocky landscape with the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse peeking through the morning fog.


People stayed a safe distance from the raging ocean water’s. With 18 foot high waves crashing into and onto the granite cliff side, the air was full of a salty mist.


I’ve never seen such a violent , wild ocean, the waves could be heard from 500 metres away. Standing well back of the 20 foot high cliff face, we were still hit with splashing waters. The waters below were white from the frothing, brewing seawater. This undoubtedly was the more intense, scary moment of the trip, with every wave testing my fear level.


The waves crashed all the way up the cliffface to the where the two people stood.

I stood and watched two love birds and I said to myself, “they’re a bit close” two minutes lated two massive waves came up and soaked them from head to toe.


The “freedom 55” fishing boat has seen better days, perhaps the captain of the boat made his fortune and headed inland to retire. However, after talking with the local fisherman still fishing, the good old days of fishing were in the 1970’s and 80’s. All that seems to be left today is the fishing stories, folklore and bitterness.


Tourist walk down the centre of the road. In the busy season Peggy’s Cove see upwards of 30 tour buses a day, driving the locals away from the village in the summer months.


A fisherman, spends a Saturday afternoon trying to repair the engine that powers his hydraulics’s to lift the Lobster cages off the ocean’s floor.


Charlies Richardson has lived in Indian Harbor, just outside Peggy’s Cove all of his 71 year’s. ” I remember there being fish and now there’s none!”


Micheal Morash is the captain of “Miss Peggy’s Cove” fishing boat. Micheal has been fishing for 45 years in Peggy’s Cove and is fishing for Lobster because” there’s not much more out there anymore.”


The harbor front is the heart of Peggy’s Cove.





Downtown Peggy’s Cove. No stop lights here just ocean mist and sea gulls.


Peggy’s Cove is a village with maybe 30 houses dotting the cliff sides around the harbor.


Toursim has been dropping in Nova Scotia for years. Last year was particularly bad with the price of gas keeping even the local Halifax tourist from taking day trips. The driftwood gift shop, is testimony to the sagging tourist dollars.


The Peggy’s Cove landscape is littered with large granite boulders and short wind blown trees.


Once A Canadian Flag.


Visiting Scotish Girls To Peggy’s Cove.


I met Dave at Peggy’s Cove, Dave graduated from the RCMP depot two weeks ago in Regina and is on route to his first posting as an RCMP officer in St. Anthony’s in Newfoundland.


The sun sets on one of Canada’s most stunning tourist attractions.


Reporting From The Canadian Landscape


You can’t see it on my face but, i was scared to death of the raging sea behind me. It’s power was intimating with its deafening roar, waves would crash into the cliffs, with water spraying many feet from its origin of the ocean’s edge.


2 Responses to “Day 180 – Rugged South Shore Peggy’s Cove to Glen Margaret just down the road.”

  1. November 7, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Hi Dave: Stumbled upon your site by accident when I was searching Glen Margaret, which just happens to be the community where I grew up. Glad to know you enjoyed your stay at Peggy’s Cove and met some of the locals. Michael Morash and I went to school together. I’ll never forget the day we went from a one room school to East St. Margaret’s Consolidated. One time we were in the boys washroom talking about an incident a fellow student committed. Michael was washing his hands and said about the offender, “He better watch out or ‘Old Spicer’ will get him.” Micheal didn’t know the principal was standing behind him. All of us boys stood wide eyed and silent, expecting Mr. Spicer to blow a gasket. He was rather strict to put it mildly. Well to our surprise, he covered his silly little grin with a hand. I don’t remember who was most surprised, us or Michael when he discovered Mr. Spircer’s presence.

    Have a good day,

  2. 2 liz
    August 11, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    Gorgeous photos. I am lucky enough to live just up the way from Peggy’s Cove and visit often, either by bike or take a drive down with the kids.

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