189 – A windy, rainy, snowy day in Liverpool, Nova Scotia

With the on slot of four season in one day, we’ve decided to spend the day inside. We did venture out  between seasons to capture something we don’t normally focus on, nature. Spring is springing here in Nova Scotia, with the trees budding and the birds migrating and mating, in a few short weeks everything will be turning green and then the race is on. The race to soak up everyday of summer before fall creeps in, followed by, you guessed it winter. Sorry to depress you. The weather on the south shore can only be described as untamed and unpredictably, following the weather man is pointless, with a .001% accuracy rate since we got here four weeks ago.

Rain drops hang like jewels from a wild rose bush.


A light dusting of snow was melted within minutes with the arrival of the warm of the sun.


Pussy willows are the first indication that spring is on it’s way.



1 Response to “189 – A windy, rainy, snowy day in Liverpool, Nova Scotia”

  1. 1 Alan Kehoe
    March 30, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    Your top photo made me think of this poem I so love…thank you

    Black March, a poem by Stevie Smith, 1902-1971

    I have a friend
    At the end
    Of the world.
    His name is a breath

    Of fresh air.
    He is dressed in
    Grey chiffon. At least
    I think it is chiffon.
    It has a
    Peculiar look, like smoke.

    It wraps him round
    It blows out of place
    It conceals him
    I have not seen his face.

    But I have seen his eyes, they are
    As pretty and bright
    As raindrops on black twigs
    In March, and heard him say:

    I am a breath
    Of fresh air for you, a change
    By and by.

    Black March I call him
    Because of his eyes
    Being like March raindrops
    On black twigs.

    (Such a pretty time when the sky
    Behind black twigs can be seen
    Stretched out in one
    Cambridge blue as cold as snow.)

    But this friend
    Whatever new names I give him
    Is an old friend. He says:

    Whatever names you give me
    I am
    A breath of fresh air,
    A change for you.

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