Day 208 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: The Look Off, Delhaven, The Bay Of Fundy, Kentville, Nova Scotia

Kentville and Area


Chickens greet the new day at “The Look Off”.



The sun raises over farm land near Canning, Nova Scotia, this is the view from “The Look Off”, a 850 foot perch that is possibly the best overall view of what the Annapolis Valley is all about. Fertile farm lands used for a variety of uses, from apples to wineries and everything in between.


A quaint rural landscape complete with horses, not normally found in Nova Scotia.


Row upon row of apple trees add geometeric lines to the landscape throughout the Annapolis Valley.


A school bus navigates along a country road, taking rural children to Canning, the nearest community big enough to have a grade school.


A red barn on red, red soil near Canning.


The Bay Of Fundy, With the Tide Receding


Carl is a Orchard Technician in the Delhaven/Canning area.


40 years apple trees once stood here, now only stumps mark where trees once produced a bounty of apples. The Nova Scotia apple industry is changing from traditions apples like Macintosh, to newer more popular apples, driven by a USA market.


A blood red sandy beach with unlimited possibilities for exploring with not a soul around, how Canadian, miles of space! I love it. We Canadians love it and it shapes us and our minds. If you look closely there’s two people walking on the beach.


With the Bay of Fundy tide dropping 27 feet these fishing boats sit on a sandy bottom, waiting for the tide to come.



Ribs from a whale create an archway on a rural property near Canning.


Lois Newcomb, has been a fixture in Canning since 1938. Lois has runs and owns a china shop in Canning since 1964. Lois was recently awarded with the “Honorary Member Of The Historical Society award” in Canning.

“I think Canada is a pretty good place, with each province having something different to offer.”


Lois recalls the olden days of ship building in Canning.


Wanye spends the day weeding a one acre plot at the “Day Lily Garden” which Wanye and his partner own near Canning, Nova Scotia. Wanye and Wanye sell Day Lily seeds around the globe.


Reporting From The Canadian Landscape

I didn’t have the heart to wake Mya and move her off my camera, so instead I photographed her, hoping the bright flash going off in her eyes would wake her and then I’d move my camera. Notice the dirt on her nose.. well both my dogs are mouser’s and will spend many hours digging up fields or forest in pursuit of mice. Its now tick season and each day I’ll pull off six ticks off each dog.


Flag Of The Day

The Cornwallis Inn is a centre piece in Kentville.



4 Responses to “Day 208 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: The Look Off, Delhaven, The Bay Of Fundy, Kentville, Nova Scotia”

  1. 1 George Zwaagstra
    April 30, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    Hi Tim and Heide
    Still following you from day to day.First thing in the morning.
    Just amzazing.
    Invitation still stands
    George and Gerry.

  2. 2 Katherine
    April 30, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    Just a note, the Cornwallis Inn is in Kentville, not Wolfville. Wolfville boasts the famous Blomidon Inn, and many others. Lovely pictures though.

  3. May 5, 2009 at 4:56 am

    Hi there,

    Cynthia here and I work with Nova Scotia Tourism. Your photos are fantastic. The remind me of Charlotte’s Web. I keep waiting to see “Some Pig” in one of the frames. You’ve really captured the Bay of Fundy as well. Lois looks like she would have some great stories to tell. Thanks for sharing!


  4. 4 Joyce
    February 20, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    How many times as a child I ventured into Lois’ store to buy my mom a gift …. Christmas, Valentines, Birthday … they all came from that little store in Canning … I loved going in there and just walking around. She always made me feel welcome and of course it helped that she also sold penny candy 😉 Thanks for the flash back 😀

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