Day 235 of a 365-Day Portrait Of Canada: Channel Port aux Basques, Newfoundland

I arrived from Nova Scotia this morning after a nine-hour ferry ride from North Sydney to Newfoundland’s Channel Port aux Basque. My initial reaction was OMG, it is all rock just like the brochure said! The landscape was rocky and treeless cliffs for as far as the eye can see, living up to Newfoundland’s “The ROCK”  nickname. Wow, how very different this new place is from Nova Scotia.

On the 1000 foot high mountain tops, snow drifts still stand as testimony to the harsh winter weather Newfoundland is known for. Upon jumping out of the van in excitement of this new and wonderful place, a sharp blast of near freezing wind nearly blew me off balance. OMG, its still winter here! I quickly retreated back into the warmth of the van and geared up with my winter coat and long underwear, making the still fierce winds more palatable, but still with time pushing me back into the van for comfort.

This is a harsh land and the people here must certainly be of a hearty stock. Later in the day I was chatting to some young boys who were dressed in just hoodies, while I was still bundled up and freezing in my winter coat, I said to them “aren’t you guys freezing?” They reply was” no we’re used to it”.

channel-port aux Basque fogging morning

Channel-Port aux Basques

Channel-Port aux Basques05-23-003_01 (3)

Channel Port aux Basques-05-22-002

Channel Port aux Basques boating

channel-port aux Basque quad

Channel-Port aux Basques05-23-003_01 (2)

Channel-Port aux Basques

Channel-Port aux Basques

Channel-Port aux Basques


1 Response to “Day 235 of a 365-Day Portrait Of Canada: Channel Port aux Basques, Newfoundland”

  1. 1 Glen Scott
    October 4, 2009 at 4:48 am

    Hey Tim, not sure if you remember me. I was the hitchhiker you picked up in Newfoundland and brought to Corner Brook. Was hoping to maybe find a couple of pictures of me up here, but I guess this face just wasn’t meant to be shown off. Hahaha, anyways man, wanted to thank you for the lift, it’ll be one of the rides I’ll remember. Wish you nothing but the best with this project man. You got some nice pics, I unfortunately lost my camera on my way to the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. Anyways take care, Peace, Glen

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