Day 236 of a 365-Day Portrait Of Canada: Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Corner Brook!!!!

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (6)

Kids pretend to drive their dad’s RV, in a trailer park near Corner Brook. Every boy’s dream is to finally be allowed to drive. It doesn’t matter what they drive, they just want to drive something.

Near Corner Brook 05-23-003_01

Corner Brook is spread out over a number of rocky hill sides, all of which join up with a modest downtown core.

Corner Brook-05-23-003

At the heart of Corner Brook stands the paper mill, the main employer in town.  Grand Falls, Corner Brook’s  sister city, just lost their mill last month leaving the town and 100’s of

Newfoundlanders in a lurch for a job.

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (1)

The trees in FNL don’t grow to be very big due to the constant blowing winds and lack of soil. These trees are tomorrow’s newspapers.

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (4)

This vintage fire truck was probably once the pride and joy of the Corner Brook Fire Department, 30 odd years ago. Today it’s parked out back waiting for someone to love it up.

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (5)

An impressive church steeple in Corner Brook – an unusual design between a church and city high-rise building.

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (7)

The Pepsi Centre was half full in Corner Brook tonight for the Blades Of Hope presentation which is a figure skating show held to raise money to benefit The Daffodil Place, a facility in St. John’s for cancer patients and their families.

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (11)

KURT BROWNING…OMG Kurt’s hometown is 40km from mine…OMG!!!! Check out what Kurt has accomplished in his career…
4-Time World Champion
4-Time Canadian Champion
3-Time Olympic Team Member
3-Time World Professional Champion
First man to land a quadruple jump in competition

kurt browning

A young skater finishes her flawless performance.

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (10)

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (8)

No, these kids aren’t particularly accident prone… they are performing in a skating presentation. After watching them skate, I understood more why they all had helmets on, as there were plenty of wax outs and face plants.

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (9)

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (2)

The bowling alley was a quite place this Saturday evening due to the skating show.

Corner Brook-05-23-003 (3)


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