Day 239 of a 365-Day Portrait Of Canada: Grand Falls to Twillingate Newfoundland

Best friends wait to catch the bus in the village of Norris Arm.

may 25th

Norris Arm Bus Driver

may 25th_1

Paul James is an Environmental Biologist in the Water Resources Division for the government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

may 25th_35

Main Street, Norris Arm

may 25th_34

Town of Lewisporte

may 25th_8

may 25th_10

may 25th_12

Boat season is set to begin in the next couple of weeks.

may 25th_13

Everywhere you look in Newfoundland you will see rows of firewood drying.

may 25th_16

may 25th_17

H. Day Building in Lewisporte

may 25th_15

Conservation Officers Wilf, Larry, and Glen are stationed out of the Lewisporte Depot.

may 25th_31

The Coast Guard in Lewisporte on the Notre Dame Bay have an onshore rescue base.

may 25th_14

Coast guard “Seamen” review maps online of their 1300km square area they patrol in the Notre Dame Bay.

may 25th_32

Workers at the Lewisporte Marnia prepare a boat trailer designed to back large boats into the harbour.

may 25th_11

Village Of Micheal’s Harbour

Mike from Micheal’s Harbour mows his mother’s lawn.

may 25th_19

Village Of Hillgrade

Folks from Hillgrade give me a big wave as I drive by.

may 25th_22

may 25th_23

Village of Newville

Kids in the fishing village of Newville play soccer and horse around on the main street.

may 25th_25

Kids Play Soccer In Virgin Arm

may 25th_21

A portrait of a Moose hangs on the wall of a fishing shack in Twilingate.

may 25th_30

Icebergs float by Twillingate throughout the month of June.

may 25th_27

Workers check out the van on their coffee break.

may 25th_39


1 Response to “Day 239 of a 365-Day Portrait Of Canada: Grand Falls to Twillingate Newfoundland”

  1. 1 Bob Summers
    July 9, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    I live in Oxford, England, and I was just looking through some photos I took in Newfoundland when we were touring the island twenty years ago. I have one of the building which has “H. Day” on the front, and I thought “I’d love to know where that was”. So without much hope I googled “H.Day Newfoundland” – and up came a photograph pretty well identical to mine – everything the same, except the blinds are both open in my picture – and the trees to the left of the building are only a foot or two high! Wonderful. We liked Lewisporte, I remember the friendly people.

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