Eastport, Happy Adventure and the Town of Salvage, Day ? of a 365 day Portrait Of Canada

Happy Adventure! Salvage!

happy adventure sign

Hockey season is over for another year….

hockey net in happy adventure

A Newfoundland dog greets visitors at the entrance of Happy Adventure.

newfoundland dog painting on building

The Road Into Happy Adventure

the road to happy adventure

Today marked 8 months on life on the road! I spent the night in Happy Adventure which I felt was a befitting name for a special personal date. I celebrated with coffee on the rooftop with the umbrella setup. Heide, my wife, returned back to Alberta over two months ago, making life out here on the road all the more lonely. Sharing an experience or place with someone else makes it much more fulfilling. A photographer named Steve was down on the docks photographing and took this pic of me and emailed me while I was still parked in the same spot – thanks Steve!


Elesia Turner has lived in Happy Adventure all of her 60 years!


Elesia Turner has flown the Canadian flag for over 20 years.

happy adventure canadian flag

Gary Powell’s family has owned this modest dock in Happy Adventure for over 200 years.

g. powell

happy adventure g. powell

Salvage is just down the road from Happy Adventure. Salvage, much like Happy Adventure, is a tiny fishing village of maybe 40 houses, with fishing shacks lining the harbour.

jerry cans

Brian Hunter was born and raised in Salvage. Today, Brian was out fishing for Lobster, and out of his 150 Lobster traps he had set, he caught 23 Lobsters. At four dollars a pound, that doesn’t even cover the expenses of fuel, equipment, etc. There may be tough times ahead for Brian and other Newfoundland fishermen. In the left hand photo, Brian is seen mending his cod net.

brain from salvage

Nets hang in the spring breeze on the backside of Brian’s fishing shack.

cod nets in salvage

These Salvage fishermen were checking their lobster traps.

salvage lobster fishing

Walter has lived in Salvage for 60 years in the house behind him.

walter from salvage

Terry is the village craftsman in Eastporte and according to Terry, business is good, with many projects on the go and more coming up all the time. In the summer months, Terry will get upwards of 200 tourists a day stopping by to see what he’s up to.

terry from eastport

Calvin Hollway from Eastporte

calvin holloway


2 Responses to “Eastport, Happy Adventure and the Town of Salvage, Day ? of a 365 day Portrait Of Canada”

  1. 1 Heide's Dad
    June 3, 2009 at 8:05 am

    Beautiful Tim, just Beautiful. Hang in there baby!! We’re with ya all the way to back home.

  2. 2 Cliff & Lorna Perry
    October 16, 2009 at 1:30 am

    Calvin is our grandson .He is standing outside our convenience store in Glovertown NL which is a 20 minute drive from Eastport. Thanks for the pic.

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