Day 250 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: A day off of shooting photos…

A lot of people figure a year of photographing Canada is a dream job. In a lot of ways it’s a dream come true for me, as I’ve been trying to travel across Canada for years. But, of course, we all know that life is complicated and it takes money to travel. It has taken me 15 years to get to this point! Today marks the 250th day of living on the road and to be honest with you, it’s getting harder and harder to keep it all going. I’d like nothing more than dinner at a table, a bath and to see my wife. Heide was with me for six months and returned home  over two months ago, meaning I’m solo. Just a week off would be great to recharge and return with a fire.

So today, instead of driving somewhere, shooting photos and meeting folks, I stayed home and did a number of chores/jobs around the van that needed to get done. Organizing hard drives, cleaning camera equipment, tiding up storage containers, paperwork, tool kits, first aid kit, organizing food – reality stuff.

The van is world headquarters for this project; I cook, sleep and work out of it. I spent four months before I got on the road, building the van from the metal up, and I’ve been 94% happy with how the design has worked out. It functions very well and everything is new, making the experience of living in a 64 square foot space enjoyable. Some days I spend too much time in the van, but when it’s your only personal space that you have, it’s understandable that I spend 18 hours a day in it. It is definitely a thrill to pull back the curtains in the morning and be somewhere new.

I salute you Canada, I’m here doing what I’m doing for you! I’ve been living in a van for 250 days straight for you Canada! My last bath was two provinces ago in March! I’m living on 7 liters of water a day!


Bo and this Otter splashed around in the water for ten minutes. This curious young Otter was doing circles around Bo… it was very entertaining to watch.

bo with

Mr Curiosity takes himself for a walk along the road…

otter in quidi vidi

A young boy and a young duck check one another out.


Two more very friendly Newfoundlander boys! These two fellas worked on their boat all day beside the van, so we engaged in conversation on national/world affairs in between getting our work done.


Reading my Tao book, while eating dinner.


A night out!

Grant and Susan took me out Newfoundland style to the world famous George Street where we listened to traditional Newfoundland and heavy metal music by just crossing the street. A big thank you to them both for treating me to a night out! This photograph, like myself, was a little fuzzy and out of focus…I photographed Susan’s sister’s wedding years ago and Susan invited me out on the town. The hospitality in Newfoundland is known across Canada as being the BEST and so far, I would have to agree say that the Newfoundlanders have been very helpful, generous and genuine.


Live Music on George street


George Street is closed to cars and people walk freely around.


St. John’s city police patrol George Street on foot, making their presence known in numbers.

st john's june 5_4

Too much to drink, this girl was dressed up and passed out on the sidewalk.

st john's june 5_3


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