A Portrait Of The Cape Spear Lighthouse

Cape Spear is the most eastern point in Canada.

cape spear parks sign

A road cuts through the tundra-like landscape up to the Cape Spear Lighthouse. The lower lighthouse on the right is the coast guard light station which is still in use to guide traffic into St. John’s harbour.


The Cape Spear Lighthouse is a National Historic Site and Monument.

cape spear lighthouse plaque

Welcome to the Cape Spear Lighthouse

welcome to cape spear lighthouse!

This is the bedroom on the main floor, near the front door.


The parlor (or living room) was simply furnished but still classic.


The entire house has a circular inside wall, which is structural with the concrete tower which supported a metal dome, glass windows, hand railings and a massive lens.


The Fireplace in the Kitchen

cape spear_21

Kitchen Cupboards

cape spear_22

Lighthouse Office

cape spear_23

An interpreter tells the story of how the lighthouse moved slightly off of its foundation during a major winter storm.


This is the second storey view of the coast guard lighthouse looking north shot from top of the staircase.


A Second Storey Bedroom


A room on the second floor was used to store barrels of sperm oil, which was burned in the lighthouse lamp.


The tool room was next to the room in which the oil was stored.

cape spear_24

These are the stairs leading up to the dome where the lamp once was, but the lamp has been removed. This part of the lighthouse, sadly, was out of bounds.


The Cape Spear Lighthouse Dome

cape spear lighthouse dome detail

The top of the world! Imagine the excitement a lost fishermen would feel at finally seeing that lighthouse light pointing him home to safety.

cape spear_6
Looking North


Lighthouse, outhouse.


There are great trails everywhere around Cape Spear, but do walk with caution. There is a cliff with two hundred foot drops!

cape spear trail sign

Looking South from the Lighthouse

cape spear looking west


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  1. 1 kennedy williams
    January 14, 2010 at 4:40 am

    heyy haha , i was seaching up a project and i saw a picture of i guess you and it looked like my pops house well guess what this is MY POP ! hahahahaha i was stunned when i read this hahha pretty cool stuff hahahahahaha he told me about you i was like woah poppy your famous haha come back and vist bay bulls agian !

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