Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park is a world heritage site located on the west coast of Newfoundland. At 1,805 km2 (697 sq mi), it is the second largest national park in Atlantic Canada (surpassed by the Torngat Mountains National Park Reserve at 9,600 km2/3,700 sq mi).

The park takes its name from Newfoundland’s second-highest mountain peak (at 2,644 ft/806 m) located within the park. Its French meaning is “large mountain standing alone,” or more literally “great sombre.” Gros Morne is a member of the Long Range Mountains, an outlying range of the Appalachian Mountains, stretching the length of the island’s west coast. It is the eroded remnants of a mountain range formed 1.2 billion years ago. “The park provides a rare example of the process of continental drift, where deep ocean crust and the rocks of the earth’s mantle lie exposed.” [1]

The Gros Morne National Park Reserve was established in 1973. It wasn’t until October 1, 2005 that the National Parks Act was applied to the reserve, thereby making it a Canadian National Park.


Gros Morne has some amazing hiking trails through out.

walk way

Norris Point from the Photographers Lookout.

norris point

A Minky whale surfaces near Norris Point

minky whale in gros morne

Woody Point is at the foot of the Tablelands.


Western Brook Pond

Gros Morne national Park NFLD_4



Western Brook Pond Boat tour, about 60 of us were jammed into this boat at $48 a piece, the fella I was travelling with had to stand due to a shortage of seating.

I WAS NOT impressed, firstly with a $48 price tag to be jammed in like canned fish, secondly, every time you went to shoot a shot someone was in the way, thridly if you pay $48 it should come with a seat!

Buyer beware!

The Gros Morne, sardine boat tours.


Gros Morne national Park NFLD_2

The tour was cut short due to the fog

Gros Morne national Park NFLD_5

Gros Morne national Park NFLD_1

The path to Western Brook Pond.

Gros Morne national Park NFLD_6

A gentle moose munches on the fresh grass at Lobster Cove Head

mr moose at the lobster head lighthouse

A proud Canadian plants his Canada flag near St. Pauls.

Gros Morne national Park NFLD_10

Kevin plants potatoes near Sally’s Cove


Martin spent the night in the van with myself and another hitch hiker in Rocky Harbour while the skies poured down, i didn’t have the heart to leave him on the side of the road.

martin the hitch hiker

These two love birds were vacationing from Montreal

faces of the day

Faces Of The Day

faces of the day oldhouse cove

Heather and Wade camp out in their trailer all summer near St. Paul’s

heather and wade

Antlers in Norris Point

rocky harbour moose antlersNorris Point Cemetery

norris point cemtery

Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse

lobster head cove lighthouseA splendid sunset from Norris Point

sunset at norris point

Mya is tuckered out after a long day of exploring Gros Morne!

mya tucked into bed


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  1. 1 Heide's Dad
    June 16, 2009 at 8:40 am

    I personally think that these photos today are the most beautiful of your work to this point. You were having a great eye today, I am sure.

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