Pix Of The Day – Spending the night in a Saskatchewan Ghost Town

I must admit in the past 11 months I’ve spent the night in  a lot of wild places. In Toronto it was on Bay Street, in Ottawa I spent the night outside the fence of the RCMP detachment (they did stop by to see what was going on), at Halifax I spent two weeks in a vacant lot etc. But this particular night it happened to be in Fusiler, a real, true blue ghost town. Out of all the places this one un-nerved me the most, Winnipeg, the “city of sirens”, was a close second. There’s just something spooky about a bunch of abandoned building and being by yourself miles from the nearest inhabited town. Nothing out of the ordinary happened this night, i didn’t sleep so great because I guess I just excepted something bizarre to occur. In the morning I was greeted with a fly by from the only other inhabitant, a Great Horned Owl. Fusiler has possibly the best elevator to photograph in all of the prairies. This was the second time I’ve spent the night there and hopefully the last.

Tim van horn celebrate canada

Tim van horn celebrate canada_1

great horned owl timvan horn copyright


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