Pix Of The Day – The last day of the year at the cottage in Slave Lake, Alberta

If there is one season that can bring both a smile and frown to your face, it has to be summer. When summer starts you smile, when it ends you definitely frown! Gone is yet another summer, the summer of 2009. When I was a child, grown ups always warned me, “the older you get the faster time flies.” I just thought maybe they were crazy or trying to just put the fear in me for some unnecessary reason. Well, I’m not too sure if someone, somewhere is messing with the clocks and seasons, but that advice seems to be ringing very loud and clear in my ears these days. Where does all that time go? Is there a time black hole somewhere that we don’t know about?

My philosophy is that a person truly can’t afford and shouldn’t waste even a single day of summer or their life for that matter! It seems now that I’m 40, that the summer season seems to pass within weeks not months. By July 1st, the summer is already over. The days are already getting shorter and in three weeks the first weak leaves descend to the still green lush lawn, turn yellow and freak the heck out of us all out because we all know the sad predicament we’re all in by living in the north.

Enjoy every second of the fall, stay up all night if you have to because by next weekend you might be scrambling through your winter clothing boxes for your “puff coat” and winter boots. Oh and a winter tip… A bank card works well in a pinch for scraping a frosty windshield. Oh, don’t worry so much, soon it’ll be January and there will only be five months of winter left. Don’t blame me!



1 Response to “Pix Of The Day – The last day of the year at the cottage in Slave Lake, Alberta”

  1. 1 Gabriela
    September 30, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    I’ve never imagined, that really is so bad “winter”, a friend of mine told me before. I’m lucky by this side because I live in BRAZIL but my dream is to live in Canada, and sometimes when I read about winter I become “worried”.

    I big hug

    Gabi ( today freezing)

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