My First Stamp

It’s not everyday a boy gets a call from canada post saying they’d like to use one of his photos for a stamp. I had been wanting a motorbike for seven years, having fallen in love with motorbikes as a young speed hungry boy. Every summer for seven years, I had to tell myself, ok ‘not going to happen’ seemingly not been able to afford it each blissful spring. Nope. As I hung up the phone with the canada post representative, the words just seem to fly out of my mouth, ‘ok go get that motorbike’ after all it was June and I had spring fever and an excuse to celebrate or commemorate the accomplishment of having 10 million stamps printed with my photo on it. So I made my way down to the Honda dealership to snoop around to see what they had…ya wow bikes have changed a lot since my last ride which was a 1984 CB400. Bing da bing, bing…wow these new bikes sure were pretty. Despite my monumental accomplishment with the stamp I still had to use some common sense and fiscal responsibility…..but why!!! So I settled on a used Suzuki DR200 endure street legal, dirt bike. An ugly thing, but it was what I needed to get the job done, it was light enough, 278pds, so when i drove it up on the back of my van it was going to structurally kill my van. it tops out at 120 kms an hr (yawn) so I wasn’t going to kill myself at 260km/hr. so I settled on it, and signed the bill of sell. And I was off. Having not been on a bike for 20 some odd years, I gingerly embarked on my way home, only to blow threw a stop sign within my first five kms! Ok. Don’t do that, again. By day three my confidence had grown and I was riding with no hands, arms fully out free as a bird, sorta thing. Yep it was to be a great summer!!



2 Responses to “My First Stamp”

  1. March 25, 2013 at 5:54 am

    Congrats on the stamp selection.

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