Hi and welcome to Canadian Mosaic, my name is Tim Van Horn and I am photographer and creator of the Canadian Mosaic series. For me, and many of us, our sense of Canadian identity is grounded in symbols that reflect our values and ideals.

I have chosen the Canadian flag as a universal symbol that all Canadians have an inherent relationship with in the hopes of reinventing, redesigning and rethinking the flag using 1000’s of portraits of Canadians. I see the Canadian Flag as being a traditional flag and by plugging 1000’s of portraits of Canadians into the flag, the true Canadian flag, which represents the people of Canada, is born. Each person is seen as an important and integral strand or fibre of the cultural tapestry, telling the story of who we are as a people, a nation, but most importantly though, collectively these portraits define the universe story of life itself.

The colors of the Canadian flag, give the portraits geographical context, but the really message is the universally story of life. In 2017, the mosaic will be completed for Canada’s 150th birthday with 25,000 portraits  representing 1000’s communities and geographical points from every corner of the country. as of June, 1st, 2011, I have created over 7000 portraits collected in the past last 32 months from every province and territory in Canada. Quite a feat for one person to pull off eh! Without a doubt as it stands, these 7000 portraits represent the largest and most current portrayal of the Canadian people.

This project has now become a way of life, a state of mind and I believe it is  my creative destiny to develop an all encompassing portrait of the human condition and life it’s self.
In 2010, despite zero funding, the Canadian Mosaic Pavilion toured to six cities across western Canada and also create 3600 new portraits. In 2011, the ‘Vancouver Mosaic’ containing 2011 portraits from Vancouver, will play a role in celebrating Vancouver’s cultural identity in its 125th year as a city at key cultural festivals. As well, the Victoria Mosaic was produced in the first six weeks of 2011, with 1500 portraits being created with people who call Victoria home. A mosaic is being created in Yellowknife this summer with 800 portraits, with a 2012 portrait mosaic capturing and defining the Quebec cultural fabric planned for the fall. Please support this important cultural project by visiting my online store. It’s my plan to keep this important project corporate free!

The Canadian Mosaic is about the people, for the people and powered by the people!


3 Responses to “About Canadian Mosaic”

  1. 1 Meg Van Rosendaal
    September 29, 2011 at 7:30 am

    Hi Tim

    My name is Meg Van Rosendaal. I’m part of a non-profit Calgary group beginning to make plans for Canada’s SesquiCentennial in 2017 – and I’m very interested in you and your project. If and when you’re in town, might we get together for a coffee to talk about what you’re doing and what we’re doing? (I think you know my daughter Julie from ACAD, and I’m an ACAD alumnus as well.)

    Meg Van Rosendaal

  2. January 13, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Hi Tim, I hadn’t realized you replied to my previous comment, but I am glad to finally learn what your project is actually about here. I am sorry to hear about your negative experience. I didn’t know this happened in the publishing world, and it is probably a good topic for discussion for artists, to talk about it so they can learn from each others experiences. This page is very embracing…and your project a huge undertaking, you must be exhausted!
    I do believe that Canadians suffer from an identity crisis of sorts, and we have to most richest landscapes in the world! When I think of Canada I think moose, bear, deer, beaver, snow, ice, fishing, beer, skiing, chainsaws, lumber jackets!!! (go figure), varieties of ethnic foods and cultures, music, talent, festivals….In a way I want to show Canada off, but in another I want it to be kept a quite secret so it can remain uncontaminated. I am sure your photos will be circulated and endure long after you are gone, and your work will become part of that culture. Peace…and Trek on.

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