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Pix Of The Day – Vancouver The City Of Glass and Light


Pix Of The Day – Newlyweds in front of their Bonnyville Home, Bonnyville, Alberta

You might think these folks were having a garage sale but it actually was their yard display which they setup each spring. This brings kitsch to a whole new level, never mind trying to keep up with the Jones, how about making them pack their bags and head out-of-town or at least for a new neighbourhood? Nevertheless, they loved their yard and without question these two newlyweds were the most colorful characters I met in Bonnyville, if not in the region.

Newlyweds in front of their Bonnyville house, AB. August, 2004 - M


Pix Of The Day – Spending the night in a Saskatchewan Ghost Town

I must admit in the past 11 months I’ve spent the night inĀ  a lot of wild places. In Toronto it was on Bay Street, in Ottawa I spent the night outside the fence of the RCMP detachment (they did stop by to see what was going on), at Halifax I spent two weeks in a vacant lot etc. But this particular night it happened to be in Fusiler, a real, true blue ghost town. Out of all the places this one un-nerved me the most, Winnipeg, the “city of sirens”, was a close second. There’s just something spooky about a bunch of abandoned building and being by yourself miles from the nearest inhabited town. Nothing out of the ordinary happened this night, i didn’t sleep so great because I guess I just excepted something bizarre to occur. In the morning I was greeted with a fly by from the only other inhabitant, a Great Horned Owl. Fusiler has possibly the best elevator to photograph in all of the prairies. This was the second time I’ve spent the night there and hopefully the last.

Tim van horn celebrate canada

Tim van horn celebrate canada_1

great horned owl timvan horn copyright


Day 231 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: The Cabot Trail

Text to be updated tomorrow

running up the cabot trail

trees in morning fog on the cabot trail

rain drops in river

cabot trail _1

cabot trail _3

bird fishing cabot trail 2

bird fishing on the cabot trail


fisherman finished work in cheticamp


Day 230 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: The Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail is hard on brakes, suspension and gas!

cabot trail road

Not many fishermen fish on Sunday, but there were a few boats out in the waters this morning.

cabot trail_2009-05-16_1944_05

Donald MacIassic

cabot trail may 17th

Can you believeĀ that I stopped at the MacIassic’s place just to take a photo of the barn, and ended up having Lobster bunch?

cabot trail may 17th_1

Good thing I dressed up for Sunday brunch!

cabot trail may 17th_2

Donald and his beloved “Shylow”.

cabot trail may 17th_3

Putting Shylow in the stable.

cabot trail may 17th_4

Faces Of The Day

faces of the day may 17th

Blessing of the Boats in Dingwall

blessing of the boats father

Once the boats have been blessed, they parade out of the harbour and circle around and come back to the wharf.

cabot trail blessing of the boats dingwall

A young boy looks out at the deep, dark sea.

cabot trail may 17th_5

cabot trail may 17th_6

The Rusty Anchor Restaurant

lobster folk art

A young girl follows her father up the driveway.

father and daughter in farm yard

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

cape breton highlands national park

Mya catches a nap after doing the dishes.

cabot trail may 17th_7


Day 229 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: The Cabot Trail

McPherson’s Cemetery

Cabot trail may 15th_21

A man in his yard with his barking dog near Bay St. Lawrence.

man in yard with his dog

Young Evan


Faces of the day, Cabot Landing

faces of the day cabot landing

An early morning talk on the beach at Cabot Landing.

early saturday morning talk on the beach at cabot landing

Breakfast in their home away from home.

morning breakfast in cabot landing

Wharf at the Bay St. Lawrence

bay of st. lawrence

cabot trail_2009-05-16_1306

Steaming into port with the first day’s catch of Lobster…today would normally be the season’s biggest catch, however many fishermen were less than impressed with their haul.

cabot trail_2009-05-16_1212_19

Allan re-hook’s his fishing line with brand new hooks.

allan the fisherman rehooking fishing line

Hines the Fisherman

hines the fishermen

A father and son take in the sights and sounds down at the Bay St. Lawrence.

father and son at wharf

Sorting the Day’s Catch

fisherman on the first day of lobster fishing

Heading home after a day of fishing on the Bay St. Lawrence.

cabot trail_2009-05-16_1456_03

This young boy was out helping his father fish.

fisherman kid

Two Thumbs up!

two thumbs up

Joe “Buck” has been collecting moose and deer antlers for over 23 years.

joe "buck"

cabot trail_2009-05-16_1940

Meat Cove is at the northern most tip of Nova Scotia.

meat cove

Meat Cove

meat cove from cliff side

grasslands on beach

A room with a view!

a room with a view


Day 170 of a 365-Day Portrait of Canada: The Switzer Bedford Tugboat, Nova Scotia


Jean is the captain of the Switzer Bedford, and was our host for the hour and a half adventure.

We took a tug boat across the Halifax harbour to tug a tanker which has unloaded its load and was now heading out to the open sea.


Getting ready to leave the harbour.


Looking back at Macdonald Bridge


Heading Out into the Harbour


We followed the lead tug to the tanker called the Norient Solar.


The workers head from the warmth of the ship to the open deck to untie the tanker.


On Deck


Tim shoots as the tugboat approaches the side of the tanker.


The Switzer Bedford pulls the Norient Solar out from the shore so that it can turn around.


Checking the Rope


With both tugs pulling the tanker, the job gets done epediently.


With the job all done, the rope is released and dropped down.


Jean is in control, and all goes according to plan, despite a slight delay.


Back from the job in time for another boat to head out.


The lighthouse helps to guide the way.


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